Przegląd instalacji elektrycznej – jak zadbać o bezpieczeństwo domu?

Electrical installations are the backbone of every home and are responsible for powering all our appliances and devices. It is essential to ensure the safety and functionality of these installations by conducting regular checks and maintenance. In this article, we will discuss how to undertake an electrical system review and how to ensure the safety of your household.

Why is it vital to review your electrical system?

As our homes age, so do the electrical installations. A regular review of these installations can prevent a potential disaster such as an electrical fire. It can also save you money by identifying any faults before they become costly and dangerous. Electrical installations require periodic maintenance to ensure optimal performance and prevent overloading.

How to conduct an electrical system review?

  1. Check the circuit breaker panel

The circuit breaker panel is often the first stop in an electrical system review. It is responsible for managing the electrical flow and also acts as a safety device in the event of overloaded circuits. The first step is to ensure that each breaker is appropriately labeled. Next, turn off each breaker and check if there are any loose connections or visible damage. If there is any damage, it is advisable to call an electrician.

  1. Inspect your electrical devices and appliances

Electrical devices and appliances are a significant cause of electrical fires in homes. Ensure all devices are appropriately grounded and that the cords and plugs are not frayed or damaged. Check your outlets for discoloration, which could be an indication of a problem.

  1. Examine your wiring

Improper wiring can lead to an electrical fire. Call in an electrician to inspect your wiring and to fix any issues. You should also look out for signs of inadequate wiring, such as flickering lights, damaged cords, and power surges.

  1. Test your GFCIs

Ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCI) are safety devices that protect against an electric shock hazard. Ensure that all GFCIs are working correctly by testing them and replacing any faulty units.

  1. Check the smoke detectors

Smoke detectors are vital in preventing disasters caused by electrical fires. Ensure that all smoke detectors are working correctly by testing them and inserting new batteries if necessary.


The electrical system ensures that your home and appliances function correctly, but taking care of it is vital. By conducting regular checks and maintenance, you can prevent costly repairs and dangerous situations like electrical fires. Remember to call in an electrician for any repairs or issues with wiring or panels. Stay safe!